Anthology Submissions



What we’re looking for:
Well-written, literary ‘weird’ tales.  Short stories that have a beginning, a middle and an end.  This will not be an anthology of horror stories.

Think writers such as Angela Carter, Ray Bradbury, Mervyn Peake, Jeffrey Ford, Miceala Morrisette, Lisa Tuttle, Jack Pendarvis, Robert Aickman, Laird Barron, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Truman Capote, Rebecca Lloyd, and Margaret Atwood.

Stories must have a touch of ‘the weird’ – how you interpret that is up to you - and can include elements of the following: surrealism, horror, humour, sci-fi, fantasy, sex and romance, magic realism, mystery, fairy and folk tale.  We want a mix of stories that will appeal to readers who don’t necessarily read genre fiction.  We want stories that have an emotional depth, that remind us how full of wonder life can be (although that doesn’t mean they have to be uplifting).

What we’re not looking for, and what we've seen too much off:
Pulpy-type stories, blood and gore, hard science fiction, familiar tropes (vampires, werewolves, serial killers, zombies, etc) unless given a new interesting slant, stories about cannibalism, re-written fairy tales, D&D type fantasy, fan fiction, murdered girlfriend/dead girl stories (or stories where woman are only there to be victims), superheroes, stories were the primary objective is to scare or repulse the reader, stories with no plot or point.

If would be a great help if you could try and avoid the following: Indenting your paragraphs manually, (this creates so much work for us that it may be the sole cause of rejection).  Using single quotation marks.  Using anything but a hard return to separate paragraphs.

We at Dark Lane Books believe in being inclusive rather than exclusive, so welcome submissions from everyone and anyone regardless of sex, age, skin colour, ethnic origin, and sexual preference.  The only thing we're interested in is your story.

Word count: 500 - 10,000 words 

Deadline: Until full.
Payment: Contributor's copy (paperback).
To be published September 2019
All submissions must be double-spaced and in Times New Roman font.
Submit as a Word or RTF file to with the header: Anthology Submission,(TITLE),(YOUR SURNAME).  Eg: Anthology Submission, Great Story, Smith. 

We're also looking for artist interested in providing black and white illustrations to go with some of the stories.  Send examples of your work to us at the email above.


  1. When will the submission window for volume 8 open up?

  2. Hopefully towards the end of the year.

  3. Hi guys, can I just double-check that you want people to indent paragraphs AND use a hard return? I've not seen this before, am happy to do it, but just want to be sure. Usually I do one or the other but here it seems to say indent using the tab button and also use a hard return?

  4. Do you accept previously published stories?

  5. Yes but we give priority to unpublished work.

  6. Are you open for submissions?