Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Table of contents for Dark Lane Anthology Vol.11

 1. Emily by Viginia Watts.

2. Fox-Mable by J.Rosina Harlow

3. Songs for the Monarch by D.G. Bracey

4. Pride and Joy by Julian Grant

5. Tinted by Timothy Granville

6. The Caretaker by Ariel Dobson

7. Turf by J.C. Raye

8. The Monster of Druidfayle Beach by Angela Gregory

9. Vector of Infection by Kevin Stadt

10. The Oboists by Charles Wilkinson

11. Life of a Superhero by Christopher Fielden

12. Egress by Ailya Waqar

13 Mediations in Blue by Damon King

14 Svengali by Gregory Wolos

15. Canticle by Su Ryder

16. The Brain by Bryn Fortey

17. Threesome by Robert Pope

18 Waterloo Manuscript by Martin Greaves

19. Not in a Book by Michael W. Thomas

20. Mira's Heart by Diane Gurman

21. The Withfalls by Robert Graham

22. The Perfect Day by Amanda Faith Poirier

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