Friday, 18 February 2022

Table of Contents for Dark Lane Anthology Vol.12

Thanks you to everyone who submitted a story.

We are excited to announce the line-up for Volume 12.

1. The Boat by Matthew G. Rees.

2. One Rotten Apple by J. Rosina Harlow

3. The Broken Man by Vincent Valkier

4. Wallace Flint's Shadow by Aria Braswell

5. Champflower Hall by Tim Jeffreys & Robert Pope

6. The Man and the Hand by Meera Rohit Kumbhani

7. Noble Rot by George Aitch

8. How Danny Rodeo Became the Crown Prince of the Penguins by Pete Barnstrom

9. The Telling by Charles Wilkinson

10. A Game For Charlotte by Ariel Dodson

11. Turbine Tim by James Fable

12. Obituary Man by J.D. Kotzman

13. Catherine by Karl Miller

14.The Offering by Andrea McLaughlin

15. Beak, Feather, and Eye by James Pate

16. Under Shude Hill by Tim Newton Anderson

17. The Best View in the House by Jess Doyle

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